A Subscription is a monthly donation you pay to motivate the streamer, while at the same time, helping develop Picarto.tv. Subscriptions are on a monthly payment basis but can be canceled at any time. A streamer has to activate subscriptions in order to get donations.

Other than competitors, we don't have any requirements for activating subscriptions. This way your fans/followers can subscribe to your channel at the very start of your live streaming experience!

How to subscribe to a channel?

If you want to support a streamer you can check their channel page. If you see a subscription button next to the "Follow" button it means they have enabled subscriptions. Just click on the button and you get to the subscription page.

Please keep in mind that subscriptions are usually disabled. A streamer has to activate it first for you to subscribe to them. If you want to support them and subscription is disabled please ask them during a live session if they can enable it for you.