Does it happen on more than one stream? Here are some reasons that could cause your problem.

Internet connection

The first thing to do would be an internet connection test. You can do this on If your internet connection is below 2 mbit/sec your streaming issues might be caused by your internet provider.

Computer resources

Your internet connection is just fine? Alright, there are other reasons for problems. Do you have several programs open or many tabs in your browser? A live stream takes more of your computer's resources than a recorded video. Therefore you should not overstrain your computer. You can test it by closing all unnecessary programs and open a stream on Picarto.TV.

Unknown issues?

If you still experience this issue you can do a package trace and send it to us. With that, we can find out where the issue lies.

It is very easy and you can do it by taking the following steps:

  1. Download WinMTR here:
  2. Start WinMTR and type as HOST:
  3. Click on Start and wait about 10 minutes. (now the program is sending packages and you see the routing points)
  4. Please click on Stop
  5. Click on Export HTML and save it somewhere
  6. Send us the exported HTML

You can send your data to our support now.