You might wonder where are the report and the feedback page we once had. We changed our support system to make it more efficient and useful.

We got many similar tickets that could be easily solved. We want you to look for answers first before you send reports.

So, before you send us feedback or reports please look into our well organized Help Center before you go on.

To send us feedback or reports there are two options for that.

Send a report

  1. Click at the bottom of an answer the text "No, I want to contact support". A support form will open and you can send us your feedback or report.  
  2. In the lower right corner, you can click on the black button called "Click here for help" and look for the "Contact Support" button. There you can provide us all information you have.

Please don't just send reports without looking in our FAQ.


Report for ToS violations!

If you want to report a streamer or in general a user who violates our ToS you might have to prepare something for us. NSFW content or harassment etc. need solid proof in order to get punished. Therefore we need at least a screenshot showing the user/username, the streamed content or the chat log if necessary. You can attach the screenshot in your report ticket in the contact form.

The following reports need evidence:

  • NSFW content
  • SPAM/harassment (on Picarto.TV)
  • Gaming without Gaming Mode
  • Copyright infringements
  • underaged user
  • channel advertisement for competitors

Please keep in mind we will close reports without solid proof!

Reports for BUGS/ERROR

If you happen to find a bug on Picarto.TV please don't just tell us this and that is wrong. We need more than that in order to help you. So, if you find a bug, right-click on it (e.g. chat) in your browser and select "Inspect element". Click on the tab "Console" and make a screenshot of the content and send it to us. This way we can see exactly what's wrong and fix the bug way easier.