After you downloaded and installed Open Broadcaster Software Classis/Studio please open OBS and click on "Settings":

Go to "Output" in the list on the left

Output Mode: Simple

With the output mode "Simple" you can edit all essential settings like video/audio bitrate and encode. Start your live stream with a low video bitrate of 300-400 kbit/s. You can increase them later on if the stream quality is not good enough for you. Please keep in mind that a higher bitrate needs a better internet connection. Your audience might get a stuttering stream or even frozen screens if you set the bitrate too high.

You don't have to change the audio bitrate for art live streams. If you are streaming music an increased audio bitrate might bring better quality to your live stream audio. It all depends on your own internet connection.


Output Mode: Advanced

1. Please check x264 EncoderUse CBR and Enable CBR padding

  • If you have drawings without video or fast movements you can also disable CBR to save bandwidth.

2. Max bitrate should be set according to our streaming standards. But not more than 3500. Also it is very important that your bitrate is not higher than your own internet upload speed, otherwise you will suffer frame drops.

To find how much upload speed you have you can do a speedtest here:

Our recommended bitrates for different resolution are:

Your Upload


Bitrate in kbit/s

Keyframe intervall

under 1 Mbps


350 - 500


1.5 Mbps - 5 Mbps

720p -1080p

500 - 800


over 5 Mbps

1080p - 4k

1000 - 2000


If you have a very slow connection also set the Keyframe intervall to 4 or 8. But keep in mind this will increase your video loading time, but will ensure a more stable stream.



The most important task is to type in your Picarto credentials for streaming. You can find these in our livestream setup tutorial by clicking on the "Go Live" button at the top right corner and following the setup tutorial.

After that we need to tell OBS your Streamkey as well as the streaming server

  • Please click on Show all Services
  • Click on Service and select Picarto (almost at the end of the list)
  • Paste your Stream key into the "Stream key" field


 Video Settings

Output (Scaled) Resolution is the final resolution you are sending to our servers. If you choose lower resolutions this can help reducing your processing (CPU) power as well as the use of bandwidth.

FPS can stay at 30 FPS but you can lower it to 24 to save CPU processing and bandwidth.

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